Alfred Erickson Garcia

Alfred is the Co-Founder & CEO of Naberius Media. Over the last 10 years, he's created countless marketing campaigns generating millions in sales for companies in all types of industries, which include big name brands like Markwins Beauty Brands, Wet N Wild Beauty, Golden Hippo Media, and Yellow Pages to name a few. He is a highly sought after consultant and coach whose known to stay under the radar, working on Marketing Strategy and tactics designed with military precision to ruthlessly dominate competition.

Luxury Addiction Treatment Center Case Study

How We Increased Conversions 259% For A Miami Luxury Drug Treatment Center With Google Ads In Just 30 Days The Situation Before working with us, their Google Ads performance was under-performing and flushing ad spend down the toilet. They spent $43,500 and only generated 55 leads. They Needed Someone That Could Turn Things Around Fast. After the first month of working with them, the number of …

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4 Tips To Stay Productive When Working From Home

The COVID-19 has wreaked havoc for many people. Many of us have had to make adjustments in our life, and one of them is having to work from home. For some people, working from home is new and takes some time getting used to. Below are 4 tips to stay productive while working from home. Working from home has its benefits, like avoiding the terrible traffic …

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